Sri Lanka is a great destination for those who enjoy a varied cuisine. The quality of the fresh food available locally is exceptional. This includes not only the many exciting and (for non-local visitors) unfamiliar Asian vegetables and curry leaves but also superb potatoes, carrots, leeks, beans, beetroot, tomatoes, aubergines and so on. In addition, excellent fresh chicken, fillet beef, pork and fish including seer, shark, cuttlefish and prawns can all be found. Delicious curries and sambals, with samba, basmati or red rice are the locals’ choice but there is also great scope for western-style eating. Pasta of all kinds is readily available. The fresh bread is very good indeed. The white loaves come daily from the local bakery just down the road while wholemeal (made with kurakkan flour) comes from a supplier in Kandy. There is tropical fruit available in abundance and mango, banana, papaya, avocado, etc - often from our own trees - generally accompany every meal. We have a modest vegetable garden at Rangala House which also provides for our fresh herb requirements, including basil, rocket, sorrel, rosemary and so on. Free range eggs come from an estate village nearby.

“We thought we’d already sampled the best Sri Lanka had to offer but we were wrong! The location, the service, the accommodation and the food, the food!!! – all combined to give us the best experience of all!”
C & M, Baughton, UK

Our resident chef, Sebastian, is very experienced both in Sri Lankan and international cooking. One recent guest (an expat who has lived in Colombo for more than three years) was quite clear in her opinion that Rangala House has ‘the best hotel food in Sri Lanka’! Perhaps it was the lime soufflé, or the prawn, avocado & quail egg appetiser that hit the spot so successfully - or maybe the outstanding array of Sri Lankan curries which he regularly produces. We do not offer a printed menu as such. Rather, we discuss guests’ individual preferences in advance and prepare your meals precisely to order. The emphasis is always on using the best quality of local fresh produce.

There is never a shortage of good things to drink at Rangala House, whatever your taste may be. Fresh fruit juices or king coconut water are always popular, as are the usual Coke, Sprite, etc and the excellent local ginger beer. Sri Lankan beers (e.g. ‘Lion’ or ‘Three Coins’) are very palatable medium strength lagers. The local spirit liquor is arrack (distilled from coconut), which comes in various qualities, the best of which are very acceptable either solo or as the basis for many tropical cocktails. The local gin serves very well in mixers, as does the local white rum. Imported whiskies etc are all available but are naturally much pricier. The range of wines available in Kandy is growing all the time and includes imports from Australia , France , South Africa , Chile and California.

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